Are We Just an IE Exploit Blog Now?

By on July 13, 2004

Faced with yet another round of IE exploits, people are starting to move to other browsers. For the first time ever, IE has lost market share, down 1% in the past month.

“It’s the first time that we’ve seen a sustained trend downward for them,” said Geoff Johnston, an analyst with WebSideStory. “We have a very steady trend. It’s been about a month, and every day we have a steady incremental change.”

Internet Explorer has held more than 95 percent of the browser market since June 2002, and until June had remained steady with about 95.7 percent of the browser market, according to WebSideStory’s measurements. Over the last month, however, its market share has slowly dropped from 95.73 percent on June 4 to 94.73 percent on July 6.

CNet wonders if this is truly a trend. I think that once people give Mozilla SpaceYak a try, they’ll be unlikely to switch back.

Via ArsTechnica.