Site Traffic Re-Visited

By Deane Barker on July 13, 2004

Here’s a quick little graph showing how traffic has increased over the last eight months. Click the little image (or here) for a much larger version.

The trendline tells the story — we’ve solidly doubled page hits. And this is just to the HTML pages — God (and Webalizer) only know what’s happening on the RSS feed.

The spikes you’re seeing there are posts that got linked to from high-profile sites. The Bill Gates post got a link from Boing Boing a few months ago and then there was the Basecamp review that got linked by Kottke a few weeks back. I think the smaller spikes further to the left are a couple entries that got linked from Scripting News.

The regular spikes you see are the difference between weekday and weekend traffic — proof that we’re all reading when we should be working.



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