By on July 13, 2004

Ah yes, the open road, the whine of the electric motor, the light breeze in your hair: American Seque — America at 10MPH

Starting August 5, 2004, Spinning Blue will produce an online documentary experience of America as seen from a Segway Human Transporter traveling coast-to-coast from Seattle, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts. Daily video, audio, and photo updates will allow you to hear stories and see footage from across the United States. The expedition is expected to last through October.




  1. By my calcuations, this is probably going to come through South Dakota at some point. I’ll be there, camera in hand.

  2. These guys have obviously never been through Kansas at 60mph. Two days of driving through western Kansas wheat fields at 10mph may cause them to swerve into oncoming traffic. Good luck to them though. They may need it.

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