U.K. Military Bans iPods

By Deane Barker on July 13, 2004

UK military: iPOD is security risk: Look, do we need anymore proof that Apple is evil?

The pocket-sized digital music player, which can store thousands of songs, is one of a series of banned gadgets that the military will no longer allow into most sections of its headquarters in the UK and abroad.

Devices with large storage capabilities — most notably those with a Universal Serial Bus (or USB) plug used to connect to a computer — have been treated with greater suspicion of late by government agencies and corporations alike.

This comes on the heels of consulting firm Gartner’s recommendation to ban iPods in the workplace.



  1. Very funny comment, but it brings up a good point. Never before has so much technology been (1) so small, and (2) so within reach of the common man. It used to be that computer espionage required expensive equipment, but now people can do amazing damage with stuff that fits in their pocket.

    Sure, reel-to-reel tapes were a little slow, but you didn’t see many people running from military bases clutching them to their chests.

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