By on July 12, 2004

I’ve been taking an occasional peek at the Tour de France coverage every now and then, and have noticed Lance Armstrong wearing a pair of shades with some odd appendages; turns out that they are a new offering from Oakley…

Oakley, Inc. today announced the introduction of Thump, the world’s first performance eyewear combining patented optics with an internally integrated MP3 music player.

Thump reinvents the experience of on-the-go music. The audio circuitry is built inside the eyewear frame, which means there’s nothing dangling from your body and there are no wires to get in the way.

Right now, you’ve got to be a world-class cyclist to get a pair. But if you’re gifted with more patience than athletic ability, they’ll be available to the general public in time for that special someone to get you a pair for Christmas. You’d better be extra good though; MSRP is US$395 for 128MB of memory and US$495 for 256MB. Flip-up polarized lenses are standard. Via

press release.

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  1. This wireless mp3 player seems like it will revolutionize eyewear technology for years to come. Having the earphone connected to the sunglasses is great; I can see this being used for many sports applications.

  2. Looks great. When are they available for purchase? Soon? Next year? I want to put them on to get the feel for them.

  3. It seems they are shipping in the winter according to the press release. They also have more inforamtion on theri web site.

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