|3uy 5om3 |>rugs

By Deane Barker on July 9, 2004

Here is proof that Bayesian and spam filters are working. Spammers are getting more and more desperate to disguise their messages from them. Take this email I got today. Here’s the list of drugs the guy was selling:

\ V|@grA ? Som.a. ^ :P:ntermin $ Val.i.um $ :XANAX: # At:|v@n Plus: Ad|p.&x, I*0nam|n, M3r:idia, X3ni`ca|, Am:bi3n, S0naT.a, Fl3xeri:l, Ce|3b:rex, Fi0`ric3t, Tram@’do|, U|tr:@m, L3v`|tra, Pr0p3c`ia, Acy`c|0vir, Pr0z@’c, P@:xil, Busp@.r

Seriously — that’s what was in the email. The scary thing is, I could figure out what half of them were.