GMail Firefox Extension

By Deane Barker on July 9, 2004

GMailCompose: If you have a GMail account and use Mozilla or Firefox, this extension is right up your alley.

Makes mailto: links load a google mail compose window and adds a GMailCompose link to the context menu.

Apparently Google has created a URL spec for doing just this. Good for them — client integration has always been a weakness of Web-based mail.



  1. You can also use the GMail Notifier – which has an option for doing the same thing but also will tell you when you have new mail

  2. I seem to be having troubles in Hairless Beaver….

    Which version of Hairless Beaver? Mine seems to work fine…

  3. Yeah plugins and skins. I was using some protection plugin the other day but it really slowed it down….it didn’t seem to respond as well either.

  4. It has an odd effect on GlowingPurpleScorpion, a hairy midget with knives jumps out of nowhere on your browser and crashes it. Hmmm . . . maybe I should switch to FireFox.

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