Zombie Networks for Rent

By Deane Barker on July 7, 2004

Home PCs rented out in sabotage racket: This is just hideous. Now they have “zombie brokers” that will rent you a zombie network they’ve created.

Vast networks of home computers are being rented out without their owners’ knowledge to spammers, fraudsters and digital saboteurs, security experts say.

The terminals have been infected by a computer virus, turning them into “zombies” — slaves to the commands of a malicious and unseen controller.

For more information on what they’re doing with these machines, see this post.



  1. It might not be all bad, I’d like to rent a network of about 20 to 50k machines to deal out a little payback to some of the most relentless spammers myself, but that’s just me. Send that nasty spammer who’s been invading my mailbox with 50-100 spams of the same thing every single day for the past 3 months non-stop about a million hits/hour for a few days, see now the spammer’s getting his money’s worth, all those great hits in return for all that hard work and effort on the spammer’s part.

    They say one shouldn’t fight fire with fire, but the low-down tactics some of them employ make fighting fire with fire the far kinder of the two options I have in mind for some fuke like that.

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