By on July 7, 2004

Wow is right. WowRobot’s KHR-1 Robot is amazing! (The link will take you to the Web site and download the 10MB WMV.) The site is in Korean so I know nothing other than what the video shows (let me know if you can find an English translation), but it looks to be about 18 inches tall and is incredibly flexible.

According to the Gizmodo article, WowRobot can be had for $1450 and

…can kick (soccer-style), shuffle step, pick itself up off the floor, and assume any number of badass fighting poses. All 17 different joints are powered by a single motor, and there is even software to pre-script the movements on your computer and play them back again and again.

Watch through to the end, and the little guy even gives a decent military salute!



  1. That’s amazing. The little robot does kung fu towards the end of the movie. It moves with emotion, almost. You can almost pick up body language from it.

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