Digital Gallery for Your Wall

By on July 7, 2004

PhotoVu recently announced the PV1910 wireless picture frame to display your latest and greatest digital creations.

The PV1910 is the industry’s first Wi-Fi®, 19” LCD digital picture frame. Recognizing that most digital camera users store, organize, edit, and share their pictures with the computer, the PV1910 compliments the way you work today by displaying your photos or presentations in their native formats and without creating yet another photo storage location. The new photo “shoebox” isn’t in the closet or basement any more, it is on the computer!

While the digital frame is not a new concept, the addition of Wi-Fi makes this product particularly appealing. Older versions either accepted a memory card or in some cases had a modem built in that downloaded pictures.

The integration of iPhoto is an added bonus. Since iPhoto has built in sharing capability I assume it pulls photos from a specifically named album from within iPhoto. However, I don’t see the market growing until the price of these products drop dramatically. $1500 is a bit steep. Come up with one that is about 11×14 and costs a couple hundred bucks and I’ll probably put one in my home.

Hmmm… Maybe Apple will come out with one of these. Adding a product like this to the new Airport Express makes some sense.