Nigeria Arrests 419 Scammers

By Deane Barker on July 6, 2004

Nigeria arrests 500 suspected email scammers: Nigeria finally took some action on 419 scammers. I hereby retract this post.

Nigeria’s agency against economic and financial crime said Monday that it had detained more than 500 suspects and seized property worth more than $US500 million from suspected fraudsters.

[…] The EFCC had demonstrated its resolve and commitment by arresting many previously “untouchable 419 kingpins”, said Ribadu, a former senior police intelligence officer.

Although the identities of those in EFCC custody are not formally revealed, observers noted that they included legislators, lawyers, politicians, bankers and public functionaries.

A couple points to note here. First, look at the type of people arrested: lawyers, legislators (!), politicians, etc. Nice. Second, they seized $500 million? 419 scamming was evidently going well for these folks.



  1. The thing I found amazing about this is 500 people $US500 million. You do the sums.

    I am just pissed off that despite all the offers and all the emails I didn’t get any of it.

    One can only wonder whether Mr Tembe is still waiting for me at Amsterdam Airport.

  2. Here is another ESCROW SCAM!!! Found a car on e-mailed the owner We settled on a price HE suggested we use ” to be safe! Sent wire for $8000.00 deposit.

    Never heard from either one again suspect they are one in the same. Web site for ESCROW-IST.COM looks good don’t be fooled!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i have benn scammed a few times by a nice man saying he is a Dr.from Ga,i fell in love with him is ther any way i can get hibm?He is living in the biza hotel in lagos nigeria pnome number is 2348032126606 He is from Ga usa He is up to no good and needs to come home.please get back with me i will help all i can sonja vann

  4. I was a victim of fraud and lost CN$6,000.00, is there any way of getting that money back once arrests where made. Please email me at [deleted]

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