3D Chop Shop

By on July 5, 2004

So I’m Googleing around looking for info on building a bike rack for my garage to keep my kids from making a parked bicycle maze, and I stumble upon this: 3D Chop Shop.

Virtual Cycles’ 3D Chop Shop is interactive software that allows you to build and customize your dream motorcycle. In complete and realistic 3D, Chop Shop gives you the power to change parts, accessories, and paint colors right on your PC.

Whether you are searching for that perfect part or paint job and need a tool for visualizing your creation…or you simply want to be creative and design cool bikes you can print and share with others, 3d Chop Shop is perfect for you.

The rendered motorcycle drawings produced by 3DCS look pretty realistic, but I couldn’t find any 3D renderings on their site.

So far only a PC version is available, but they are working on a Mac port of it. $49.95.

The funny thing is that my oldest son and I were talking just yesterday about how fun it would be to have something like this to customize cars (he and his buddy watched 2 Fast 2 Furious the night before.) He goes nuts over the tricked out rice burners, but at 14 there’s no way he’s going to even touch a real car until his hormones slow down. Like maybe 20 or 25. Doing something in software though might be a good outlet for him!



  1. So did you ever find a web site to build a bike rack for your garage or did you just get side tracked.

    No, and yes. Finally gave up on building one when I found a decent one locally for not a lot of money. My kids still don’t use it much, but…

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