NewsGator: Beyond the Aggregator

By Deane Barker on July 3, 2004

Why Did We Invest in NewsGator?: Here’s a post from a venture capitalist about why he invested in NewsGator.

The misperception is that NewsGator is only an Outlook plug-in. While the most popular product from NewsGator is currently their Outlook-based aggregator, what really turned us on when we dug into NewsGator as a potential investment is NewsGator Online Services (NGOS).

Greg Reinacker’s vision is much broader than simply an RSS aggregator – his goal is to provide RSS content on any device. NewsGator currently provides clients for Outlook, the Web, POP email, mobile devices (web-based and wap), and Microsoft Media Center (how cool is it to get an RSS feed on your TV?).

He makes a good point — NewsGator has really extended past Outlook. They started with that, and the Outlook plug-in is what they’re most well-known for, but I just wrapped up 30 days with Newsgator Online Services (NOS), and I can tell you that they’ve deftly transcended the aggregator.

While working with NOS, I got the…feeling, that news and information was just out there, everywhere, and it was up to me how I wanted to receive it. They have options to push information to about any device, on any platform. I’ve never felt more saturated by news in my life than during those 30 days.

Information was everywhere — so much so that I stopped thinking in terms of this aggreagtor or that protocol. I was just swimming in information, and the method in which I chose to receive it was almost incidental. Petty, even.