CSS Tabs

By on July 2, 2004

If you’ve ever built any sort of web application, you’ve probably found yourself using tabs to create some part of the interface. I’m no Eric Meyer, but I came up with a pretty handy way to do that this afternoon. Read on to see my example, and if you have any cool CSS tricks we should know about, post a comment!



  1. Wow. Simple and it works in both IE and Mozilla. I had some issues trying to make tabs with css. I finally had to make seperate styles for IE, every different version (actually, I needed a whole new sheet for IE specifically), and mozilla. What I have works, but I spent a good time trying to fix it – I like to keep things as simple as possible.

    You can check it out at http://www.frscorp.net/en/index.hml

  2. This is really good, Kep. Reminds me of something Kalsey did a few months back:


    What he did to specifiy the “selected” tab was to put a class on the BODY tag of the page then get at the selected tab through a cascade.

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