You Can Start Building Your Mechwarrior Robot Now

By on July 2, 2004

Time to check up on your Old Glory Robot Insurance policy. Thanks to this research in Tokyo, walking robots can now carry you off:

The first walking robot capable of carrying a human was unveiled on Friday in Tokyo, Japan.
WL-16 uses 12 actuators to move forwards, backwards and sideways while carrying an adult weighing up to 60 kilograms (130 pounds).

OK, so it’s more like a wheelchair with legs, which, if it could climb stairs, would be a tremendous advantage for the disabled. But we’re only a quick size-up from a walking, rocket-shooting battle tank.

Via Roland Piquepaille.



  1. I loved that SNL skit. Being a huge “Law and Order” fan, I couldn’t believe they talked Sam Waterston into doing that.

  2. I’m new to this site.. found it while researching the following… Has anyone attempted building a small MechWarrior? I’m thinking a two-foot, remote-controlled MadCat. (see “walking, rocket-shooting battletank” above) I need someone to toss ideas back and forth with. If interested, contact me: Thank you.

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