Bookmarks Synchronizer

By on July 2, 2004

Yesterday during the Mozilla love-in, Gadgetopia reader Tomas hipped us to the Bookmarks Synchronizer Extension. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s a great extension. Basically, you give it an FTP site, and it will upload a copy of your bookmarks. Add it to another copy of FireFox (at home, for instance), and you can use it to keep the two copies in sync.

It also has an option to only synchronize a folder instead of the whole bookmarks tree. That would be a great way for a team to share a common list of bookmarks. I work with a group of folks who are all learning .NET. Whenever someone finds a site with good information, we e-mail the links around to each other. The bookmarks extension would be even better.



  1. Yeah, this is a phenomenal piece of work. I have on three machines — home (Windows), office (Windows) and office (Linux). I have it set to synchronize when the browser is opened and closed.

    Totally transparent. And since Sage — my Firefox-based RSS reader — uses a bookmarks folder to store its subscriptions, my RSS feeds get synshronized as well.

    I couldn’t be happier with this. is available…

  2. The great thing is: Among all that cool stuff, you’ve got a lovely XML file lying on your webserver with all your latest bookmarks. And there’s no better place to put it but on to your website, so you can share your bookmarks with everyone on the web. With a bit of XSLT, you could format it into a lovely list or taxonomy.

    Now, I haven’t even gone near it yet, but it’s all ready to use. I will sometime. If anyone has already done it, share out the code, so I dont have to bother.

  3. Ask and you shall receive:

    A cakewalk, actually. I whipped up a quick XSL to convert the XML to HTML, and a stylesheet to style it. (not the cleanest XSL, since I let a tool generate some of it). Since our server doesn’t have XSLT enabled server-side, I just wrote a quick script to insert the XSL declaration into the XML as it’s downloaded. Source is here:

    A bit hacky, but it works well.

    Here are all the revelant files: (replace this with your own xbel.xml of course)

  4. I, too, love this particular piece of software – it has made life moving between 3 computers on a regular basis much easier. Only one problem…I can’t find it for the Mozilla Browser, which I would like to use instead of Firefox at times.

  5. Deane, how do you get Sage to work? Every time I use Bookmarks Syncronizer, my Sage resets its folder to the root bookmarks folder, and I have to put it back to my RSS folder.

    I agree that this is a great extension. If I could get it to do cookies as well, it would be perfect.

  6. Great ! I just created a “Bookmarks” folder on my webserver, set the Bookmarks Synchronizer Extension option to upload the XBEL file on this folder, renamed your php file in “index.php” and here it is : the online shared bookmarks I’ve always dreamed of ! Thanks a lot again.

  7. The latest version has the option to use https and ‘write’ to a web server i guess. I couldn’t get it to work. Anyone else try this?

    I enabled write for an ssl only(128 bit) site i set up on IIS 5 and then pointed the bookmarks synchronizer at it. no luck

  8. Joe, great way of parsing the bookmarks. I also found an XSLT solution here but did a php info and there is no notion of XSLT, so guess my server doesnt support it either. I also found a php-only way, but doesnt do standard compliant code…

    however, on mac OSX 10.2.8 your bookmark page only shows up in Mozilla 1.7.5 and Firebird 1.0, IE5 crashes and Safari 1.03 only shows the text herunder,unstyled:

    any clues?


    G (yep newbie)

    newnomad at gmx dot net

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