By Deane Barker on June 30, 2004

DocMemory – Info: Here’s a free memory testing package.

DocMemory, an advanced self-bootable PC Memory Diagnostic Software is a user friendly software designed to capture all possible memory failures in PC. A rigorous test pattern excerises both the PC Base and Extended Memory to locate defective memory, all carried out without the need for user to disassemble memory from the PC.

It creates a bootable floppy which runs via FreeDOS and hammers your memory with important-sounding tests like “Checkboard,” “Burst,” and “Moving Inversion.”

A “Quick Test” on my 384MB of RAM took about 15 minutes, or you can set it to “Burn-in Test” and just let it run to try and capture intermittent problems or problems that may not crop up until everything is at operating temperature.

It does give you machine a workout. I ran a Burn-in Test for about three hours, and immediately after stopping it and booting into Windows, my CPU temp was 100 degrees farenheit, which is at the upper range with my new CPU fan.



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