By Deane Barker on June 30, 2004

FoxServ Project: I’m surprised we haven’t talked about FoxServ here before.

FoxServ is an Apache / mySQL / PHP installer package for Windows. Unlike NuShpere or PHPTriad, FoxServ features the latest version of all included pacakges, user defined configuration during installation, PHP as a module, PEAR, and the Zend Optimizer.

That’s right, FoxServ is nothing but an installer that takes all the above-named parts of the LAMP equation and makes them all work together on Windows, saving you the hassle of installing and configuring them separately.

I use this on all my Windows machines for a quick development platform, and I’ve used it at the office to create the platform to serve up our intranet. You get a double-clickable installer, and if your scripts don’t need any special configuration, you can just copy them to the document root and be serving them up within about 90 seconds.

The quote doesn’t mention it, but Perl, Python, and even phpMyAdmin are in there too. Based on what I heard over the weekend, I’m thinking Ruby won’t be far behind.