Project Looking Glass

By on June 29, 2004

lookingglass.jpgSun Microsystems is releasing an early version of their Project Looking Glass desktop environment into the GPL.

What if windows were translucent so that you could see the multiple windows you’re working on at the same time? What if you could tack a note to yourself right on the Web page you’re viewing? What if your CD or movie database became a 3D jukebox, where titles were joined with images to make finding what you want easier than ever? […]

Sun Microsystems’ latest innovations by its Advanced Software Technology Team will make these “what-ifs” a reality for the desktop of the near future. Code-named Project Looking Glass, these Java technology-based developments will bring 3D windowing capabilities to the desktop to offer a far richer user experience for work and play. But, it’s not only about looks, it’s about creating an engaging user experience, one that can make communications and collaboration even easier.

It’s basically Sun’s spin on a 3D desktop environment. I remember seeing early previews of this at a JavaOne keynote a few years ago, and everyone definitely sat up and took notice. Even at that early stage, they had video playing in real time on a 3D object. It would be awesome to see some of this tech integrated into GNOME and KDE a few versions from now.

Via OSNews.