Orrin Hatch and the INDUCE Act

By on June 29, 2004

The good Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah is sponsoring a bill that could make possibly any piece of technology (at least the tech that people actually want) illegal. The bill states that if you make or provide a product that ‘induces’ somebody to infringe on another’s copyright you could be held liable.

Since the merits of this bill are being discussed elsewhere, I won’t go into all that. I would however find it amusing and slightly ironic if somebody were to seed a bittorrent file of Orrin Hatch’s latest musical offering Orrin Hatch’s Christmas Eve (iTMS link) so the world could hear what it is Mr. Hatch is trying to protect. Just a thought.



  1. That is perhaps the stupidest idea I have ever, ever heard. Ever. I believe in respecting our leaders and all, but Orrin Hatch is, henceforth and forever, a complete idiot.

  2. People like Hatch will awlways be close-minded and won’t think of anyone but himself. He doesn’t care about you or you rights.

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