Stress Reliever

By Deane Barker on June 27, 2004

Let’s say you could tap into the nuclear weapon fire control systems of every country in the world. And let’s say you could expose a PHP API for those systems. You then could build a page that when called, would launch all the nuclear missles in the entire world and lead to its instant destruction.

So this page is sitting out on the Web at some unguessable URL. You then build another page with a link to this page. So you now have a page with a link that says “Destroy the World.” You can bring this page up, and look at the link, knowing that, if clicked, you would destroy the entire world. Perhaps by adding a CSS :hover pseudo class, you could even get the link to change colors when you hovered on it.

You could get in a fight with your boss, storm back to your desk, and bring up the page with the link. You could drag your mouse leisurely across the link, watch it change colors, watch the arrow turn into a hand…then close the page and go back to work.

I bet that would relieve a lot of tension.



  1. What frame of mind were you in to think of that? Good thinking though. All that power at the tip of your……mouse pointer.

    So, it takes 2 webpages to make you feel the power of George Dubya.

    I’d be careful not to give some extreme hackers (or crackers, I dont know what the p.c. term is anymore) any ideas.

  2. Sounds like somebody spent too much time on an airplane and in a car this weekend. Glad to see you made it back safe. I’m not sure about sane though.

  3. I bet you would have the Google Toolbar running, and I bet Google will find its way to index this page, all of its links, and all of the pages that are linked to, and boom… there goes the globe.

  4. Rather reminds me of a secret url that I set up to toggle an ex-employers site on and off. Very unprofessional I s’pose but well deserved ;)

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