By on June 21, 2004

Here’s one that should whet Deane’s recently acquired appetite for BitTorrenting TV Shows. Torrentocracy is a plugin for MythTV that will let you download and watch BitTorrent-delivered multimedia via your TV remote by hooking into RSS feeds. This would basically turn a MythTV-enabled TV into a Tivo that doesn’t care when shows are on, since it sucks them off the Internet instead of off the airwaves.

Torrentocracy (pronounced like the word democracy) is the combination of RSS, bit torrent, your television and your remote control. In effect, it is what gives any properly motivated person or entity the ability to have their own TV station.

Remember what Microsoft says, folks. Linux doesn’t innovate, it only copies.

Via SlashDot.



  1. “…whet Deane’s recently acquired appetite for BitTorrenting TV Shows”

    What are you talking about? I have NO idea where that came from. Wow. I don’t know how to respond to these spurious lies.

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