New Search Engine Tools

By Deane Barker on June 21, 2004

Search engines’ new tools hasten info hunt: These were all released this morning. Has anybody tried them yet?

[…] Ask Jeeves introduces preview tool Binoculars: Under each search result, you put your mouse over an image of binoculars and Jeeves displays a mini picture of the underlying Web site. The aim is to help users determine whether they want to go there, without leaving the search page.

MSN did the thumbnail thing a while ago. I didn’t think it added too much.

Google in the past has let small Web site owners offer Google search tools for free. In a bid to expand its empire, it now will share search revenue with those who have Google search on their sites. […]

Free tools at let Web publishers customize search and direct it toward their own customers. For instance, a Web site for a computer products company would be assured that searches for “mice” resulted in peripherals, not rodents.