Firm Unwittingly Hosts Terrorist Video

By Deane Barker on June 19, 2004

San Jose firm unwillingly hosts footage of kidnapped American: What a crappy thing to do to someone (to say nothing of the murder itself).

Computer hackers commandeered the Web site of a San Jose mapping and land-surveying company to post videos of American engineer Paul M. Johnson Jr. that were taken before the al-Qaeda hostage was beheaded in Saudi Arabia on Friday. […]

“The usage at the Web hosting company went sky-high” as Internet users flocked to view the videos, Redd said Friday. “We’re saddened by the events that provoked all this activity.”



  1. Yeah, that really sucks. Even worse, did you hear about those 2 radio DJs who were fired for laughing through the sound footage? What is the matter with people anymore?!

  2. its the age of the internet i am afraid. give it a year or 2 and suicide bombers will have webcams on them and it will be broadcast live on the internet.

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