The Firewall That Fires Back

By Deane Barker on June 19, 2004

The network strikes back: Experts worry about tech retaliation: These guys make a firewall-ish product that launches a counterattack when it receives a hack attempt. Part of me thinks this is just snazzy; part of me fears for the future of the human race.

Symbiot Security Inc. says its new Intelligent Security Infrastructure Management Systems not only defends networks but lets them fight back, too. Symbiot says the product is already in use in some corporate, government and military networks. […]

Symbiot’s iSIMS consists of hardware, software and support services. Much of it is focused on traditional defensive measures, like blocking unwanted traffic or deflecting it to where it can do no harm. But it can also escalate the response and return fire.

In documents on the Austin, Texas, company’s Web site, Symbiot advocates a gradual escalation of action based on the best information available and the customer’s preference.

Can you imagine the dialog boxes on that app — “Do you want to cripple the Internet? Yes, No, Cancel.”



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