By Deane Barker on June 19, 2004

SubTropolis: I wish there were more Web resources on this, but you’ll have to live with a single page on the commercial broker’s site. I saw this on the Travel Channel this morning.

SubTropolis, the world’s largest underground business complex, is a subterranean industrial park with nearly 5 million square feet of leasable space. The complex is home to over 50 local, national and international businesses. When fully developed, SubTropolis will encompass more than 50 million square feet.

It’s a massive cavern complex in the linestone beneath Kansas City. Remarkable. If anyone knows of a better resource, post it.

This guy has some pictures, which is where I got the image above.



  1. Lamar Hunt is the owner. He probably has some diabolical scheme to rule the world from Subtropolis.

  2. Being a diehard Oakland Raiders fan, I hereby condemn SubTropolis as the geographic center of all evil in the universe.

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