A Spam-Inspired Design Thrashing

By Deane Barker on June 18, 2004

Larry Taylor Spam Ministries: Word to the wise: don’t spam Mean Dean, even if it’s for ministry-related stuff. This is a great read.

Considering the fact that I’m still receiving unsolicited commercial email after having already complained directly and upstream, I have come to the conclusion that perhaps the best way to get old Larry Boy to quit spamming meis to give him what he wants, some website traffic. And why not? The Larry Taylor Ministries web site is after all a very good example of how NOT to design a personal ministry website. […]

Nothing says cheap to a congregation than a pastor on a polyester leisure suit. Similarly, nothing conveys the message of low-rent like kitschy animate gifs and contrived backgrounds, both of which can be found on Rev. Taylor’s site.[…]

A bit further down I found pulsating crosses with hearts placed on the website because they’re relevant to …I dunno … perhaps to distract me from fishy “IXOYE” background that it makes any text not offset by a white background almost impossible to read?



  1. Deane Barker is “a Towering Genius, a Paragon of all that is Right, True, and Good. His words are like honey from the honeycomb, yea, like the resplendent glory of snow upon Mt. Hermon. Hear him, all ye nations! For he is a very oracle of Verity, Righteousness and Charity!”

  2. In other news, a building in downtown Sioux Falls suffered severe damage due to the sudden expansion of a programmer’s head this afternoon. There were no survivors.

  3. Joe, here near D.C., we avoid such politically incorrect references suchas “programmer’s head” in favor of terms such as “well optimized ego.”

  4. In programmer speak, Deane’s ego does not fit the definition of ‘well-optimized’. It’s consuming far too many CPU cycles, and seems to have a resource leak so that it grows over time. Fortunately, he does something stupid occasionally, which takes the ego down a peg or two and shrinks it.

    I run off the same process. I accidentally shut off the server the other day, so my ego is nice and compact at the moment. =)

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