By Deane Barker on June 17, 2004

Leet – Wikipedia: Ever wonder what your kid is writing in AIM or on his cell phone? Here’s a guide to the world of “Leet,” in which everyone happens to ph34r my kewl, m4d l33t skillz, d00d.

Leet (often Eleet, l33t, 31337, or 1337; from “Elite”) is a cipher, or simply a novelty form of English spelling. It is characterized by the use of non-alphabet characters to stand for letters bearing a superficial resemblance, and by a number of quasi-standard spelling changes such as the substitution of “z” for final “s” and “x” for “(c)ks”



  1. What’s sad is that I can actually understand what you’re writing there. It took more time to read it, for sure, but I understood it.

  2. Joe’s comments translate as:

    “n0 w4y dude my mad sk1llz w1ll t0t411y 0wnz0r you! ph34444444444444444”

    I translate them as:

    “I’m 30, so this makes me look stupid.”

  3. h3y d00d 1’m n0t th1rty y3t! I h4v3 4n0th3r tw0 y34r5 t0 typ3 l1k3 a dumb455! ph34r!

    OK, I’m sorry, I just can’t type like that anymore. I feel my brain cells eroding.

  4. Dude only speek leet when it is a must dude, if dumb when people over use the language of the eliet s shut up allready.

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