Cell Phone Virus Unleashed

By Deane Barker on June 16, 2004

Bloomsday Virus Inflicts James Joyce on Mobile Phone Users: Well, isn’t this nice? Anyone get hit with this?

The first ever computer virus that can infect mobile phones has been discovered, anti-virus software developers said today, adding that it has the potential to render many phones virtually useless. […]

It infects the Symbian operating system that is used in several makes of mobiles, notably the Nokia brand, and propagates through the new bluetooth wireless technology that is in several new mobile phones.

Virus used to be a Microsoft Windows affair, but now anything with an operating system is far game.



  1. it is not bad it just makes your fone say there name but soon…. they will b able to make calls from your fone and use your credit, instead of toping up you own fone you will top up theres…!

  2. I want to know full information about Mobile Virus ? please update me if you have relative information.

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