Email v. Trackable Contact Systems

By Deane Barker on June 19, 2003

Senator John Kerry’s Contact Form: Following Help Desks everywhere, Sentator (and presidential hopeful) John Kerry has shutdown his email address and is taking contacts through a Web-form only. It’s apparently a ticket-based system to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

With email become more and more the chosen mode of communication, we’re all suffering under the deluge. When you’re up for election, I suppose you can’t take chances.



  1. I changed my affiliation from Rep. to Dem. for two reasons: the unforgivable attack on Clinton and the lies leading to the unprecedented attack on Iraq. I will, therefore, vote for John Kerry.
    I have many friends and relatives who are Bush supporters, with whom I can usually hold my own with ongoing dialogues. But I need help. After watching the address to the American Veteran’s, the one question I’ve always fought with still remains unanswered. What is it that these terrorists really want? My Republican counterparts argue that they just hate Americans and freedom. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. I still believe it’s economics and our favoritism shown to particular nations. I believe Bush planned to go to war with Iraq all along because of oil and the fact that Sadam withdrew his nation from OPEC, allowing him to charge whatever he wanted for oil. That being said, my question is: Why haven’t we tried to sit down with some of the terrorist leaders to discuss their issues, to ask what they want, what is it we are doing to them to cause them to sacrifice their very lives for their cause? I just don’t believe it’s all about religion and hate. Have we ever tried to communicate with Osama? It would certainly be easy through the television media. I’m tired of hearing how we are going to get and destroy them. That will never happen and we all know that.
    Another question will certainly be bantered around between me and my Rep. friends and that is: Why not take troops out of North Korea since the real threat is nuclear weapons for which troops would be of no use?
    I like your position on mending our relations with other nations. I just can’t imagine where we will be if we’re subjected to another 4 years of Bush. It’s really frightening. Good luck in November!

    Peggy Burns k1ve@amsat.orgI

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