Weblogs.com Goes Dark

By Deane Barker on June 15, 2004

Sudden Closure of Weblogs.com Strands Bloggers: Three thousand blogs hosted at weblogs.com have gone offline because Dave Winer decided to shut the server down.

…some users protested that they had no warning of the shutdown, and thus were unable to download copies of their sites, including user comments. Winer said he will export a site’s content if its owner makes a specific request, but would not do so before July 1.

Dave provided free hosting to all these people, which is great, so he really owed them nothing. However, I think perhaps a little notice would have made things easier for these folks.



  1. I imagine a lot of them will be switching to Blogger, so now I can get Atom feeds. Thanks Dave!!

  2. Here they are on the notice, or lack thereof:

    “The second wrong meme is that I should have or could have given more notice. Putting a note on Scripting News wouldn’t have been notice. I’ve tried to communicate with free-hosting users through this site many times. It doesn’t work. Most of them don’t read it. Email wouldn’t have worked either because most of the email addresses are dead, and had I sent them, the outrage would have been about spam (read the Register article for an idea). Spam filters of course would have stopped most of the messages that had email addresses that hadn’t gone out of date. The only other choice would have been to somehow modify the content displayed on their websites. I wasn’t going to do that. Also it wasn’t technically an option, since the server couldn’t handle the load. (Again these are all dynamic sites, not static ones.)”

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