Aquada Crosses the Channel

By Deane Barker on June 14, 2004

Branson car sets amphibious record: I’ll admit that when we wrote about the Aquada before, I figured the car was just a toy. However, you can’t really argue with this.

Entrepreneur Richard Branson has set a new world record by driving across the English Channel in an amphibious sports car in under two hours. […]

Branson crossed the 22-mile (35 km) stretch of water to Calais in France in a smooth run in the £75,000 ($135,000) sleek gray and black Aquada sports car in just one hour 40 minutes and six seconds.

As the car drove up on to Calais’ sandy beach, its windscreen wiper still going, a very wet but elated Richard Branson emerged.

“A few big ferry waves engulfed us a bit, but it was rather refreshing,” Branson said. “Its a remarkable car and it definitely gets a lot of smiles from people on the ferries.”