Ideological Spam

By Deane Barker on June 13, 2004

German Spam Floods Inboxes: Some racist spam came out of Germany last week.

The messages — which appeared to blame immigrants, prisoners and welfare recipients for Germany’s problems — hit recipients in California, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands, according to initial reports on antispam mailing lists. Some recipients reported receiving just a few messages, while others reported being overwhelmed by thousands of pieces of the spam.

I got hit a month or so ago by something similar — anti-Muslim spam. It was an email filled with statistics and references trying to prove that Muslims are the source of all the world’s problems. The source claimed to be a Jewish advocacy group.

Is this the Next Big Thing? Instead of pushing your products via spam, you push your views? We’re begun to see spam creep into areas other than marketing. There was the guy looking for a girl he served on a jury with, and the apparently crazy guy trying to find parts for his time machine.

I want to send a message for 110 million people telling them I just ate a cheese sandwich. Don’t laugh — it’s conceivable.