Trench Warfare Over Linux

By Deane Barker on June 12, 2004

SCO Group reports quarterly loss amid legal battle against IBM: Here’s a good status report on where the SCO battle stands right now. SCO is bleeding money, and IBM is standing firm. Both sides are lawyered up to the hilt, and neither is flinching. However, in a war of attrition, my money is on the de-e-e-e-ep pockets of IBM.

SCO CEO Darl McBride said he expects to prevail over IBM, though he warned the protracted battle is turning into a “war of patience.” A trial is set for April 2005, although that could get pushed back; both companies are fighting over pretrial discovery demands.

“We’ve got the firepower on the legal side, the cash and very strong claims,” McBride said.

Interestingly, the article notes that license sales for SCO Linux have totaled only $11,000. Makes you wonder how much EV1 paid them.