Near Real-Time Content Deployment

By Deane Barker on June 11, 2004

I just got finished watching Ronald Reagan’s funeral. It was very, very touching. I was intrigued by all the pagentry of it — this is the first presidential funeral in 31 years, and the formality and choreography of the thing is just amazing.

Anyway, at the end, Nancy was sitting near the casket and she got up to say her final goodbye. She broke down in tears over the casket, and all her children came to comfort her. The noise of the camera shutters was just deafening by this point — they were going off like machine guns.

Immediately after Nancy and the Reagan children left the podium, I shut off the TV and came down here to my office to check my email. I get to my mail through Mozilla, and is my home page.

I was amazed to see the picture on the lead story was the exact same image of Nancy and the children that I saw on live TV not 90 seconds before. The mechanics of content deployment that fast on that big of a stage must have been something to behold.



  1. That’s so awesome it just gave me a chill. It’s the perfect camera for the paparazzi — even if Sean Penn grabs your camera, yanks the memory card, and smashes it on the ground, the pictures are long gone….

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