Speaking of Overpriced Gear…

By on June 10, 2004

…did you know that you could spend more on a power cord than you would for a brand new Gateway 510 System? Or throw in another $55 and you could get a brand new eMac.

Yes, it’s true. $744 for a friggin power cord. A “Cardas Golden Reference Power Cord with Built-in Filtration” no less, but still, a power cord.

Does the U.S. Army know about this outfit? Via Gizmodo..



  1. “you’ll notice an immediate upgrade in sound quality”

    Yeah right.

    Just like when you plug in those thick gold-plated RCA patch cables.

  2. Speaking of cables: when I worked at Best Buy one Christmas season years ago, I learned that the profit margin on computers is razor-thin, like 2%.

    There were situations when I sold someone a complete system and we made more money on the printer cable than EVERYTHING ELSE in the sale COMBINED. Printer cables, it turns out, have an insane margin — we paid $4.80 or something then sold them for $30.

  3. Amen to that: USB Cable at Best Buy: $25 USB Cable at newegg.com: $5, including shipping.

    So I guess that means that the $744 power cord only cost the retailer $89.

  4. I spent 4 years in retail consumer electronics, working through college. Our average margin on the “big stuff” (at a local, mom and pop TV store before the chains came to town) was around 16%. All the various cables, connectors etc were marked up 100%, but at that time if you bought a $500 component and needed a $5 cable or connector to get it working, we were free to throw it in. Oh…no commission either….;)

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