Apple Announces Liquid-Cooled G5

By on June 9, 2004

Turns out the Macarazzi rumormongers were right: Apple Computer today announced a new lineup of G5 computers, all sporting dual processors. The $2999 top of the line machine has a pair of 2.5Ghz G5 processors, but also needs liquid-cooling. Liquid cooling is by no means new, but this is the first time Apple has used this method for cooling its processors, suggesting that the G5 processor is less energy efficient at high clock frequencies. I don’t care. I still want one.

Now let’s wait for the first “Macs are overpriced junk” comment. ;-)

This announcement makes it official that Steve Jobs promise to deliver a 3GHz Mac by mid 2004 isn’t happening. According to Tom Boger, Apple’s Director of Power Mac Product Marketing;

When we made that prediction, we just didn’t realize the challenges moving to 90 nanometer would present. It turned out to be a much bigger challenge than anyone expected. All-in-all, no we are not getting to 3GHz anytime soon.

That’s ok, Tom. I still want one.

More bad news: It’s rumored that the Dual Boot G4 (which will run both OS 9 and OS X) is history. The end of an era?



  1. No ‘Macs are overpriced junk’ comments from me. Macs are certainly not junk. They’re just overpriced. =)

    I think that this is the first large-scale deployment using a liquid cooling system as the stock method of cooling for a desktop box. I’d be interested to hear how noisy the system is (even though there’s no fan on the CPU, there’s likely one on the heat exchanger, and it probably needs a pump).

  2. Apple’s marketing copy says that the fan noise from the new G5’s is improved over the first generation machines. And the originals were pretty quiet considering how many fans they had pulling air through them (and they were a good deal quieter than the G4’s.)

    Now the xServe… that’s another story.

    Junk? Nope. Overpriced? No way. You get what you pay for, whether it’s an Apple or a Dell, Gateway, IBM, etc…

  3. Sorry about the Anonymous posting, in any other case I would post my name, as I have done in the past .

    NEC has had a water cooled system for some time. We’ve had one in house for about a year. Now that Intel is finally releasing the ICH6, they plan to combine the two features and release it once the chipset goes public.

    As for Apples, definately not junk, but definately overpriced.

  4. hmmm…. let me see. Macs work consistently and effortlessly with a wide range of software (specifically, multimedia sofware that no professional would go near a PC with). Whereas, PC’s are generally a mishmash of companies, all built on the rubble of Microsoft’s sad excuse for an operating system. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can keep a Mac up and running in most environments, whereas any power-user of a PC has to also be a tech expert. seems to me that a Mac is worth a little more money.

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