Apple’s AirPort Express

By on June 7, 2004

Apple introduced today the new AirPort Express wireless doodad. The AirPort Express (can I call it the APE for short?) is a little white wall-wart-sized brick that can be used for several things, most notably streaming your iTunes music — mp3, CD, or Internet Radio — wirelessly from your Mac to your home stereo. That’s called AirTunes.

Enjoy your iTunes music library in virtually any room of your house. Share a single broadband Internet connection and USB printer without inconvenient and obtrusive cables. Create an instant wireless network on the go. Extend the range of your current wireless network. How many devices do you need to do all this? Just one.

In typical Apple fashion, the APE is simple and straight to the point, and will be an attractive option for a wide variety of users, because it can do a wide variety of things and because it’s very portable. It’s based on the 802.11g wireless standard, and should work with just about any 802.11g hardware out there, not just Apple’s own. Sounds like the Winders version of iTunes will even do the AirTunes trick.

Priced at $129. I think I can swing that!