Seattle Library Tech

By Deane Barker on June 7, 2004

Thumbs up for new library’s technology: A great article on the technology behind the new Seattle Public Library. Yeah, I think I’m moving to Seattle in the next couple of days.

[…]as far as the library’s technology is concerned, it’s thumbs up. Wi-Fi access is available nearly everywhere and, with 200 simultaneous addresses, is plenty robust.

[…] the library is jam-packed with IBM terminals. Fiber-optic network links to the machines make connections lightning fast — up to a gigabit per second. It’s generally quicker and more convenient logging on to the terminals than booting up your notebook computer. […]

Some 400 desktop terminals are available in the library. Most have one-hour limits, although a couple of “express” arrays limit users to 15 minutes. The express machines are aimed at lunch-hour users or visitors who want to check their e-mail or briefly surf. The terminals require a library-card number, but visitors can get a temporary one-day logon. Wireless access, by the way, has no time limit.

Thanks to “Scott” who posted this link in a comment to our original article.