By Deane Barker on June 6, 2004

Dynamic DNS for your IP Address: Irritated that your broadband ISP changes your IP address every now and again so you can’t map a domain name and run a server? Solve that problem for $20 a year, but watch out that you don’t create a new problem.

The DNS2Go client software is installed on the computer with which you want to associate your domain name. The software always knows your computer’s current IP address, and it quietly and automatically notifies the DNS2Go service whenever that IP address changes. The DNS2Go service then modifies the DNS zone records associated with your domain, and the change takes effect almost immediately.

This is all well and good until your ISP gets hip to the fact that your running a file sharing server and starts blocking ports.



  1. Why DNS2Go looks like a clean, simple and cheap Windows-based solution, especially for those running Sokkit’s Apache/MySql/PHP solution for Win …

    I think I’d prefer a few more flaming hoops … and Linux to run my servers via: http://www.no-ip.com/

  2. I have two issues:

    (1) You’re probably violating the terms of service for your broadband provider. I know that the cable modem provider in Sioux Falls does not allow you to have servers. They don’t block any ports, but you’re in violation of your agreement if you do it.

    (2) Having a domain name resolving to the computer in my basement which contains all my email and personal records makes me a little nervou.s There are a lot of reasons why this isn’t a good idea. If you do it, do it on a spare machine that doesn’t hold anything important.

  3. dyndns.org is another good free site that does the same thing. Do not confuse it with dyndns.com which is a sham that pretends to be dyndns.org but had to switch over to a non-free model.

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