By Deane Barker on June 3, 2004

VisitorVille: Web Site Intelligence for Creative Thinkers.: You gotta see the screenshots of this — it’s Webalizer meets SimCity.

Traffic stats are displayed in little Sim-like animations with visitors getting off buses with “Yahoo!” and “Netscape” painted on the top. No…seriously. Look at these screenshots.

Buildings grow and shrink in real time proportionate to the number of visitors on your site […] Buildings also light up, go partially lit, or go dark based on the presence or absence of visitors. Perfect for visualizing exit pages. […] VisitorVille has 3 zoom levels, and can rotate 360 degrees, to give you the perfect view of your visitors and their behavior

I want to make a throwaway Web site then run little WGet bots against various pages to see if I can play a legitimate game of “Visitorville SimCity” — let’s make their little animation game the end instead of the means.

Via High Context.



  1. That’s an awsome app! Good luck getting your purchasing people to sign off on it though. =)

    So Deane, which of those books you read last week extolled the virtues of having pictures with the articles? Not mocking, just noticing a trend…

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