Gmail Review

By Deane Barker on June 3, 2004

Google mail’s features outweigh privacy concerns: Here’s a review of Gmail, which is generally positive.

The privacy debate tends to obscure assessment of other Gmail attributes — namely usability, storage and search. In most of these areas, Google trounces other free e-mail services, including those offered by Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo! Inc. […]

As for the much-maligned advertisements, I found them to be unobtrusive and well-targeted, just like the text ads that appear alongside Google searches. Google also occasionally provides a list of “related” links to sites and news stories beneath the ads.



  1. yeah…and the ads are better than the hotmail ones. you know, i really do need to seek out that hot blonde on the banner to my right…and the redhead on top of the page as well. could i get anymore crap telling me about singles in my area than through hotmail?

  2. I am testing out gmail now. It is very good.

    I think that he search functionality will revolutionize how we store data. The hierarchial trees that we have been accustomed seem to make sense, but in the end we waste a lot of time navigating up and down file folders to retrieve anything. With Gmail, I just type in a few words, and my entire email conversation comes up.

    The ad feature is unobtrusive and relevant. My buddy teased me about the ads, sending me an email about Viagra, mortgage rates and credit repair. My gmail ads all where for spam blocking software.

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