Girls Top Guys in Tech Purchases

By on May 28, 2004

A “news report” on the KELO website says that women are outspending men on tech gadgets.

Women have crossed the digital divide that once separated them from the male-dominated world of technology. Last year, women spent fourteen percent more than men on electronics.

Now whether that is related to the reasons outlined in the article, or due to women buying tech toys for the boys in their lives is anybody’s guess. Gee, maybe the reason they buy more is that when a gadget stops working, they tend to throw it away and buy new instead of dealing with fixing it. If the way the women in my life handle things technical is at all indicative of the population in general, I’d say that’d be it.



  1. i’m a woman and i don’t buy technology for my boyfriend or because the old stuff is broken. i fix the old stuff and still buy the new stuff – because it’s cool and i can’t resist.

    i think in general, woman are still taught or expected to have an adversarial relationship with technology (this is my “society is f@#$%#ed up because martha got a doll and johnny got a ham radio” theory…hehe…). luckily for me my father, the physicist, took great pains to cultivate a love of technology and of figuring out how things work. if we want to heal the gender imbalance, we ought to forget the dolls and start giving our daughters PDAs… :)

  2. Just a thought. Maybe, women today are wearing less cosmetics & so more money to spend on technologies :?P. Women today arent very lady-like…. most dont even wear makeup. Maybe women buy 3 cellphones to chit-chat more (one for boyfriends calls, one for emergency calls, one for girlfriends calls)? Maybe it is like shoes- a new color for every garment ;?) One thing I know is women spent money on themselves. When is the last time a women treat a men to dinner, etc. ?

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