Just Upgrade, For Crying Out Loud

By on May 28, 2004

From the ‘Let it Die’ Department: A couple of Apple hackers have modded up their Apple ][’s so that they can run web browsers (yes, you read that right).

Oliver Schmidt and Glenn Jones have made a working prototype Apple ][ port of Contiki that works with Glenn’s self-built Apple ][ Ethernet card. Thanks to Tim Haynes, a video capture of the port is available for download (9 megabytes, DivX encoded). The video shows an Ethernet-equipped Apple ][e loading and running Contiki, the network configuration process, and the web browser surfing to www.apple2.org! Oliver did the porting of Contiki to the Apple ][ and Glenn made device drivers for his Ethernet hardware.

Apple should ship those guys an iMac, just out of admiration.

Tune in next week when we play Unreal Tournament on an Atari 2600.



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