Zen and The Art of Telephone Manners

By Deane Barker on May 27, 2004

How to make friends by Telephone: Boing Boing linked to this today.

When my grandparents did some housecleaning a few years ago, they offered me this instructional booklet entitled How to make friends by Telephone and asked if I’d be interested in it. I estimate it to be from the 1940’s — it’s from an era when it was still proper to capitalize Telephone…

Now, this is a neat little thing in its own right, but what’s neater is the fact that technology has allowed us to do this at all. This guy has taken a relic from the past, cleaned it up, made a permanent record of it, and put it in a place where everyone can see it.

It may be very Zen-ish to think about it, but this little booklet had an effect on me and made me stop and think about communications in general. That’s cool, but cooler still is the fact that this little ray of sunshine into my day could have happened at all.

God bless the Internet.



  1. This is crusial when you are making a call,, ie it will cause or change the aptitude of anything that may or not be relating you.. So be care while making calls.

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