Spy Recruiting on the Web

By Deane Barker on May 25, 2004

Hamosad: This will be my last post to Gadgetopia. You see, thanks to a certain Web site, I am leaving all I know behind to become a spy. It was inevitable.

The State of Israel has tasked the Mossad with collecting intelligence and performing special covert operations abroad. Its job is to identify and block threats to the state and its citizens, and to reinforce the country’s security and safety. […]

The website describes the spirit and values motivating Mossad. You will also find information on how to apply to become one of us.

Mossad agent — there’s a safe job these days.



  1. Actually you’re perfect for this job. Who would ever suspect that a white, kiwi transplant living in South Dakota would be spying for Israel. However, I don’t know how much actionable intelligence you’d be able to gather in downtown Sioux Falls. Can you even imagine the cool gadgets you’d get to use. If anybody’s got cars with machine guns behind the headlights it’s the Israelis.

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