NAS for the home

By on May 25, 2004

Logitec is working on a
series of Network Addressable Storage (NAS) devices geared toward the home user. These are more commonly seen in small to medium sized business networks.

Ranging from 160GB to 300GB, they come with the expected LAN connection, plus three USB2.0 ports; additionally, plug a digicam or flash drive into the port on the front and press the “copy” button and your files are zapped onto disk. All models support up to 128 users and 100 shared folders, and at 60 x 213 x 181 mm and 1.4 kg in weight, they’re admirably compact.

It amazes me how much technology is migrating from the Fortune 1000 server room to the living room.

Via Digital Media Thoughts.



  1. A while back, I read an article about wireless version of these (I think Dave posted it here, in fact). You plug it in, then just stick it in a closet or in the attic or something. No one ever has to see it.

    The big hysteria in the article was that pervs were going to use them to hide child porn. They would manually connect to the device when they want data off it. If the police busted in and confiscated the computer, they’d never know there was a 200GB hard drive teeming with federal charges built into a false bottom in a drawer somewhere.

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