The Mother of All Monitors

By on May 21, 2004

If a 23 inch diagonal flat panel monitor just isn’t big enough for you, how about strapping four of them together for a panoramic, Grand Canyon-like view?

With its ultra-widescreen format, phenomenal image quality, stunning aluminum construction and spectacular high-resolutions, the new Grand Canyon Displays are the ultimate solution for any creative professional, medical, military, engineering, modeling, high-end audio/video editing, TV Broadcast applications, and graphics-intensive computing needs.

You too can have the Cinerama on your desktop for a mere $18,000. Oh, and don’t forget the three additional video cards you’ll need to drive it, which of course requires that you’ve got a machine with expansion slots to spare.

This monitor array is only one of the many slightly quirky products that can be found at the Lieberman Go-L website (is that pronounced “go-el”, or “gol” as in “golly”?) It’s interesting to poke around on the website; many high-end computing devices and peripherals, priced higher than even Apple’s wares. All on a website that bears a striking resemblance to Apple’s own (I wonder if Apple Legal has seen that site yet.)