Why Do Content Management

By Deane Barker on May 19, 2004

Does Your Company Have a Content Management Problem?: Tony Byrne over at CMS Watch (it’s two words, don’t you know…) has a little checklist on how to diagnose if you have a content management problem. It’s also handy in describing exactly what enterprise content management is.

When I was looking at large scale content management systems in a prior position, my original question was, why get a CMS? What value is it going to bring me? Read this quick list and you’ll have 15 reasons, though whether or not they’re important to you is a question you need to answer before you embark.

…Web managers need to “roll back” the site to a previous version — perhaps for legal or regulatory reasons — but cannot.

…Content contributors are unable to pre-publish content to appear at a specified later date or time.

…Website managers cannot associate the company’s products and services to articles or news on the site (or vice-versa).

Now get some perspective by reading this: Content Management Systems Are Like Relationships.

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