Perverted Justice

By Deane Barker on May 19, 2004

‘Sting’ by vigilante group results in firefighter’s arrest: We’ve mentioned these guys before. Here’s their Web site. Looks like they bagged one clean.

An indictment alleges Ryan Hogan, 24, of Massapequa, N.Y., used a firehouse computer to try to entice a woman posing as a 14-year-old girl to have sex with him, and to send her an obscene image of himself.

The girl actually was a member of a group called Perverted Justice, a group that sends volunteers into Internet chat rooms to pose as young teens. When men contact the “teens,” the group’s Web site posts their sexually explicit conversation and often the men’s pictures and phone numbers.

I’ve read through some of the chat transcripts they’ve posted. Lemme tell you — they’re awfully disturbing to a guy with two daughters.



  1. I have been a real online activist for around 8 years now, and have worked hard to protect children through my anti-child abuse and anti-child exploitation activist work, but I must say, if you want the REAL story on, go into their “followup forums”. on their site. The one person commented here about how the chat transcripts on their page are “awfully disturbing to a guy with two daughters. ” but I am hoping I can make him not so blind to PeeJ (’s shortened name). Do not read their “busts” chats on the front page. Go into the followup forums. You will see names, addresses, phone numbers, driver license numbers, and at one point even social security numbers and other very private information being posted about everyone (the “bust’s” parents, the children of the “bust” even children who are minors, the neighbors, the bosses, the ex-spouses, and even old high school friends). They post unconfirmed information about the above mentioned, and immediately start calling and harassing all of them, hoping to get more information about the “bust”. Yet they do NOT go to law enforcement (one PeeJ’er tried to, and ended up getting kicked out of PeeJ because they REFUSE to contact law enforcement first). So they become the judge, jury and executioner of all they post. Further for the guy who made the comment– how would you like it, with two daughters of your own, if this vigilante group of anonymous people called your wife, your neighbors, your parents, your boss, etc. and said that you were a child rapist, only to find out the person they busted lived in your area, and had a similar name to yours (or just the same last name)? This has happened. They once even called a “bust’s” eight year old daughter and told her that “your daddy rapes little girls like you”. Now how is this fair? But when they get the wrong information and post it publicly on their forums, and destroy that person’s life, and it turns out to be the wrong person, they never once apologize or fix the situation. Never once. and they are anonymous, so noone can go after them to sue… Is that doing a good deed? Is that protecting children (like PeeJ claims)? We started a website to counter them, at and we are hoping that we can help those whose lives have been destroyed. We are in contact with lawyers who are currently working to sue them, and we are doing all we can to protect the people whose lives they have destroyed (such as the family of the “busts” who have had to move due to their harassment campaigns, the friends of the “busts” who have had their proerty damaged because people did not read that they were the FRIEND OF a “bust” and not the “bust” themselves, etc.). We do not condone or approve of guys who do solicit minors online, and we abhore such things, and will fight to protect minors (most of us at are parents ourselves) but we believe in innocent until proven guilty, following the proper chain of evidence, following the rules and laws of the USA– not lynching everyone even remotly associated with a “bust”. The point is, you should check DEEPER into to find the truth, and not go just by what their front page claims. Thank you for caring enough to read this.

  2. Strange thing is that corrupted justice constantly bag perverted justice, while they themselves are worse… they troll forums, spam members, use obscene language on their own forum, while at the same time condemning perverted justice for doing so. They claim to have lawyers on side when it’s fairly obvious by reading through their site, that is only a claim. The best you got is a 3 year law student claiming to be a lawyer. Perverted Justice has consulted a Harvard Law Professor are ARE acting legally, while corrupted justice law student don’t know jack!

    If you visit the police forum, you’ll see that the police there are in favor of perverted justice. But then you’ll see the corrupted crew troll the forum spewing their lies and wrongful interpretations of the laws.

    The best bit is how they bag perverted justice criticising the age groups of those “agents” as they call them, while corrupted are in the same age group. Just a bunch of wannabes at corrupted justice. Not worth visiting their 3rd grader site.

  3. To the guy posting as “Dodger” on the 27th of May – First off – You got my e-mail address wrong – There is no “ It’s “” – If you’re going to post using my name, at least get my e-mail address right, k? :-)

    You’ve stated that we at “troll forums”, “spam members”, and “use obscene language” at the same time condemning PJ for that – 1st, I can’t recall any instance of us doing any of those things, and 2nd, we don’t primarily condemn PJ for doing those things – We condemn them for taking the law into their own hands, as a gang of anonymous thugs, and doing everything possible to destroy the lives of people who have never been convicted of any crimes.

    To your contention that we “claim to have lawyers on our side”.. We actually DON’T claim that. What we DO claim is that we have been providing information (names and details of PJ contributers, copies of their harrassment postings, etc…) TO attorneys who are representing PJ victims in upcoming defamation suits. They come to us asking for the information, and we provide it. We have a couple regular members on the site who say they are actually lawyers, but they are not there in an official capacity, only to help us to understand current laws and statutes. They don’t “represent” in any official capacity.

    It’s quite simple really – have a look at the “Follow Up Forums” at PJ & see what they do to people there, then, please feel free to drop by, see what we have to say and what we do, and then make up your own mind.


  4. I appreciate very much the discussion here. You’ve given us a lot to think about — namely that there are always two sides to every story.

    I am, however, going to shut comments off at this point. I appreciate that you’re both very passionate about your respective causes, but I’ve seen discussions like this degenerate into ugliness pretty quickly.

    Again, thanks for checking in.

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